Who is pharrell williams dating 2016

Pharrell’s maternal grandparents are Cleon Dorson Hoggard, Sr.(the son of James Edward Hoggard and Emma Edwards) and Lucille Sarah Johnson (the daughter of Lee Edward Johnson and Sarah F. Sources: Diary of a Hollywood Street King article that makes the incorrect claim that Pharrell’s mother is Filipino – of Pharrell Williams (focusing on his father’s side) – Pharrell’s middle name is Lanscilo:

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He dated many great women, who are rich and successful.

They are Christina Aguilera, Alesha Dixon, Karolina Kurkova and many others.

Later he was the member of the other band, named “Nerds”.

Thus gradually Pharrell Williams was getting popular. He is slim and his body is toned, although he can hardly be called muscled or strong.

Pharrell Williams is not the fan of strength workouts. He dances at his concerts and dances just for pleasure, he likes active rest – hiking, cycling and skating.

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