Who is alison eastwood dating

While Dina was trying to have Clint's back in some ways, he has already moved on..maybe she should as well.Right now, nobody is going to be making anyone's day per se, but this couple should, in the end, be alright.

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Alison Eastwood is saying that the alleged argument had by daddy, Clint Eastwood, and step-mommy, Dina Eastwood, is false.

There is clearly something amiss in the Eastwood home as their relationship is on a downward spiral.

She is an actor and producer best known for Midnight in the Garden of God and Evil (1997), Tightrope (1984) and Absolute Power (1997).

Alison Eastwood was born on in Carmel, California to Clint Eastwood, her father and a veteran Hollywood star, and mother, Maggie Johnson.

Clint's average celebrity relationship lasts 7.9 years.

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