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Cimorelli have helped me through some really hard time and dark places as well as making me stronger and taught me how to feel good about myself, they have honestly saved my life! I will always love and be thankful to Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani (Cimorelli) Cimorelli is like my idol they are so good at singing I want to be like them! All I can say is that I absolutely love them and they are all so inspirational. Her music is just totally unique and extraordinary.It's not jusy about her talent but her personality.

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Shawn has absolutely changed my life for the better.

He's taught me that anything is possible, even for someone as young as he is. Sarah Close (Sarah Close1) She sings a variety of different songs. Every time I see a new video of hers pop up on my feed my mood instantly brightens because I know it will be good. Her voice is beautiful, and she does everything live!

She always get to take some time to interact with her fans online.

She's the most beautiful (in and out) person ever and the sweetest girl. She's have a amazing voice, she's beautiful Incredible.

Alejandro sweetest angel voice I've ever seen, Fabian and Daniel.. I love very much these guys des the first time I saw them singing with Fifth Harmony was passion at first sight, I spent a month researching videos of the band, things about them, anyway.

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