Stories of wives physically intimidating husbands

Her short stories and articles have appeared in "Grandma's Choice," "Treasure Box" and "Simple Joy." She has worked with children with ADHD, sensory issues and behavioral problems, as well as adults with chronic mental illness.

Kleinschmidt holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Montclair State University.

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It may sound crazy…but if you’re already at the end of your rope, you may have nothing to lose.

These tips on how to deal with your husband’s ex wife are not meant to solve serious relationship problems or teach you how to cope with an angry, bitter, or possibly mentally unstable woman.

For example, he may arrive home from work and complain about the awful day he had.

His wife attempts to empathize with him only to have him yell, "If you didn't make me late for work this morning, my day would have been fine.

Abusive husbands can behave in a charming manner in front of others and become violent and aggressive once they are alone with their wives again.

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