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(This is not to mention that she’s also someone who will be able to pick up her career as soon as she leaves the White House.

The company substantially upgraded its anti-corruption compliance program; retained new leaders of its legal, compliance, and financial gatekeeper functions; and committed to enhancing its compliance program and internal controls.

Vimpel Com is also required to retain an independent compliance monitor for a term of three years.

To the extent that she is a role model or inspirational example for women nationwide, she is a voluntary one.

And so, if Obama spends most of her time ensuring that her kids don’t get screwed up by the perks and pitfalls of living under a spotlight for four or eight of their formative years, then, well, it’s absolutely her prerogative.

Marcus asks why Obama is 1) so quick to identify herself almost solely as a mother, and 2) seemingly so unconcerned with propping up her other achievements—achievements that come with labels like “career woman” or “professional” or “lawyer.” These are rather misguided questions, because Michelle Obama neither ran for public office on a platform of beating back gender stereotypes, nor was ever anything but honest about what her priorities would be should her husband win the presidency.

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