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Changes: - LED indicators on keypad, brightness change. SSD storage devices used in 8inch and 13inch Panel Computers (MMC). Series X - Maritime Panel Computers (MMC) and HT B22 Computer, BIOS update HD xx T21 xx C-xx Y-xxxx HT B22xx-xxx-xxx-xxxx BIOS: Affects all models except for models with "Y" = R or K.- Orange LED indicators on keypad disabled/removed. HD 08T21 MMC-xxx-xxxx HD 13T21 MMC-x1x-xxxx HD 13T21 MMC-x Bx-xxxx Changes: SSD storage devices updated with latest generation flash chip. Does not affect HD 08T21 xx C-xxx-xxxx / HD 13T21 xx C-xxx-xxxx.

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Applies to Maritime Multi Displays (MMD) and Maritime Panel Computers (MMC) / Industrial Standard Displays (STD) products as indicated.

LCD upgrade for 15 inch Series 1 and Series X JH 15T17 MMD-xxx-xxxx HD 15T21 xxx-xxx-xxxx Note: Does not apply for High Bright models, Series X (HD 15T21).

Dont affect HD 08T21 xx C-xxx-xxxx / HD 13T21 xx C-xxx-xxxx VCOM : Affects Series X Panel Computers.

Note: Customized models are ALSO affected by this Engineering Change Notification.

Customized models with custom Firmware remains unchanged.

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