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Virginia, now a mother of three living in Australia, had waited a decade to break her silence, but the newspaper had evidence to support her story—flight logs from Epstein’s Boeing 727 and Gulfstream jet, and a photo showing Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia’s bare midriff.

The prince’s dissolute lifestyle, links to unsavory foreign potentates, and friendship with the American registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are undercutting the Queen’s efforts to rehabilitate the monarchy.

And while many blame Andrew’s problems on his perennially broke ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Edward Klein discovers some insiders pointing to another woman—his mother herself.

The hapless Fergie was caught on tape demanding $821,000 in return for business access to her ex-husband, who is Britain’s special representative for international trade and investment.

“If you want to meet him in your business, look after me, and he’ll look after you,” Fergie was heard saying on the video.

The female voice on the other end of the phone line belonged to Sian James, an assistant editor at a tabloid that’s been unsparing in its coverage of Andrew’s dissolute private life and dodgy friends.“We’re planning to publish a story about the Duke of York,” James told Perkins, “and we’d like a comment from the Palace.”Perkins listened in stunned silence as James unfolded a shocking tale.

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