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We also debate when in a relationship the sex is best (wondering why it takes people so long to figure out how to f**k... A new Time magazine story says it should be, and we wonder just how much influence Dan Savage has had on our sex lives.In this episode, we go long with Sex Myth author Rachel Hills, who argues that sex-soaked culture has given us sexual standards that literally no one’s sex life matches up with. We also discuss the (reliable) glories of the pull-out method, and how relationships change birth-control... We debate the essay “Towards a Theory of Fall Fuckability" by Jamie Lauren Keiles.

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Or are gender, sex, and love dead -- as a new generation of agender, asexual, and aromantic college activists argue? Will anything ever unseat the eggplant emoji as the ideal cartoon dong?

And with all the R&D money at emoji HQ, can’t they do better than a taco for vagina?

We also talk about Nantucket’s amazing history of whaling-industry-era dildos... This week, Maureen offers what she swears is the absolute last and final word on dating apps (her mantra: the tech doesn’t matter, just the people).

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