- Formatting and access problems with certain SD card types fixed - Corrected various symptoms with locked SD cards - Fixed boot-up problems with some PC formatted cards Series 60 - Video Telephony - Fixed a seldom occurring error: Video and audio lost during VT - Security - Updates to the 'integrity check of root certificates in c: drive' component so that it is more resistant against hacking - Memory Card - Fixed problem in some variants: Option to Set Password is missing from memory card options menu.

- Calendar - Fixed issues with reoccurring appointments: If exception entry to repeating meeting is created in device, and parent repeating meeting is modified in Outlook, exception disappears in PC Suite synch - Clock - Fixed: Local time displayed improperly after current city changed to Hawaii - Voice recorder - Fixed: Voice recorder: Application crashes when it's selected in full memory state - Notes - Fixed: Contacts: Note 'App. - PIM - Fixed some issues with V-card handling: Escape sequence is not performed when exporting/importing v Card - Fixed an Application interaction issue with Backup/Restore: Handset is freeze when alarm sounds during the restoration - Fixed: Syncing more than 220 contacts with PC Suite (via USB or BT) fails with Sync error - SMS / MMS / EMAIL - Fixed: Received SMS has wrong sent time in message details - Fixed: Messaging app.

Detected P-KEY: 9000D5CC P-key nokia module version 01.02 Init usb communication... Found Reading SW version...05wk07v48.1 5.0737.3.0.1 Reading battery value...4065 m V Init usb flashing...

Nokia 6630 Nokia 6680, : - - - Active Standby - 262 ( , 65 ) - , , .

6News ticker subscription page: the page it is not rendered properly - Fixed: Downloading same file twice causes browser crash - Browser / Services - Fixed: WAP Browser does not process text wrap in both English and Chinese Fixed an issue with inline content: audio/mid content in via cgi is not played inline, Music Player gets launched to play it - Fixed: Security icon appears although HTTP connection is not secure - Fixed: Bookmarks get deleted when selecting to delete domain folder under auto- bookmarks after marking that folder - Fixed: Browser fails to show the page after replying NO to connect server and then connecting again - Fixed: Browser could not correctly show html content in Chinese correctly - Fixed: System error occurs when pressing softkey 'Back' while opening saved page - Visual Radio - Fixed a problem with the FM Radio: Radio don't start playing again when alarm expires while in idle state and radio is playing in the background - Data Transfer - Fixed an out-of memory condition when transferring huge data from one phone to another - Settings Wizard - Version updated and operator database renewed - Real Player - Fixed: HS-23 headset volume controls don't work with Real Player - Fixed: Real player closes after switching to Inbox from Gallery - Lifeblog - Fixed: Handset does not reboot after installing Lifeblog from an SD card if that card has been used in another Phone - Snakes - Fixed: Phone hung with Snake game Phone hangs when levels are changed.

C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\Prog Data\357968001396867_CRT_backup_1732272Done!

crashes when trying to exit after using T9 - Fixed an issue where In/Outbox gets out of Sync when using advanced BT Car Kits with SAP-Profile: Messaging out of sync after turning Mobile off in remote SIM mode (car kit 610) - Fixed: MMS slides are shown in reverse order when receiving Multimedia plus message from S40 phone - Fixed: Error note "App.

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