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Another big point in Amy’s corner is the downright gape-worthy routine she nailed with Robert “Gay Porn Aladdin” Roldan, an alum of the glorious seventh season.

She was the star of her jazz routine with Aaron, and although Fik-Shun threatened to derail her fearlessness during that ultra-dramatic tango (seriously, the lighting was -level glitzy), she still whipped herself around his frame with alarming ease and specificity. As Paula “Crazy Cool, HEY-I’M-COOL, Crazy Cool” Abdul noted, her center is frighteningly stable.

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For the first time in a long time, Amy did not look confident onstage. I could’ve done without the conveyer belt Broadway routine where Fik-Shun skipped and jitterbugged alongside Aaron, if only because it wasn’t the strongest personal note for his run to end on.

In his tango with Amy, Fik-Shun was still flashing those IMAX-sized eyes at us as he bobbled his partner in mid-air.

Alexis has shown the most growth in the competition.

Yet, her solo was surprisingly subdued for the circumstances.

continued, as its Top 14 dancers competed for America’s votes.

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