Mandating direct

This memo introduces a new UPS report that will be provided to aid in the monitoring of employee noncompliance with Mandatory Direct Deposit.

OSUP Memorandum #2000-36: Mandatory Direct Deposit This memo, dated December 9, 1999,was sent to the payroll offices of all UPS agencies in response to the new Mandatory Direct Deposit Policy as set forth by the Commissioner of Administration.

These forms can be accessed on the OSUP Forms page.

Office of the Commissioner Memorandum to All State Department Undersecretaries and Elected Officials This memo, dated September 24, 2002, was sent to all Department Undersecretaries and Elected Officials to notify them of the new format of Direct Deposit Notices (Earnings Statements).

The Bureau´s interpretation of this statutory language is that the employee must be able to receive the full amount of his or her wages by swiping the card and may not be charged any fee for doing so.

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