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monobreed  cattery british shorthair 

We are glad to welcome all the friends and admirers of the british breed of cats on our sit .

My name is  Svetlana, I am the unique owner of this cattery Revival.
Our family lives in Russia, in the Kirov city  

Cattery is registered certificate                                        

WCF   -  №1734-2011
F.I.Fe  -   № 840
TICA  -   № 21309

Cattery specializes in breeding of thoroughbred British shorthaired cats solid colors, having respectable European and Russia catteries as our partners !
Our purpose is modern type, powerful skeleton, the short plush wool, the counterbalanced character, etc.

Cattery  Revival  is cattery of the closed type, as we love our animals and we are responsible for their health.

The price of our kitten depends on their quality: pet-, breed-, and show-quality.
If a kitten has to be exported to abroad, those costs should be paid by the buyer.

Our cattery was born from love to this breed of cats.
We are hobby breeders. This means that all money from selling kittens we spend for our cats.

Our cats are not contained in the cells !

We do not send animals cargo!

Animals of cattery regularly and successfully exposed at exhibitions, receive titles, 

nominated and get in Best!

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