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Tasneem Alsultan was married for four years before she confided in others what she had known for a long time: her marriage wasn’t how a marriage should be. In Saudi Arabia, a private society rooted in a conservative strand of Islam that requires adult women to have a male guardian, a wife will struggle far more than her husband to end their marriage.

The two had an arranged meeting, he proposed and, when she was 17, they wed. A recent Human Rights Watch report, based on interviews with dozens of women, details the imbalance: men can unilaterally divorce their wives, but women lack the same right; a man doesn't need to notify his wife of an intent to separate; and mediators and judges are typically conservative men.

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The limits imposed on the girls and women, she says, aren’t just exhausting for him but physically, emotionally and financially taxing on them all.

“We’re like everyone else the way we want and have ambitions and fall in and out of love, but in the end we have these constraints and the struggles that we have overcome, that we want people to know,” Alsultan says.

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Two years ago, she sat down with her daughters to explain why she had initially asked for a divorce.

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