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It's very effective for women in their post delivery stage, as it tightens the loosened muscles." Butterfly Stretch: Another important part that works actively during sex is the inner thigh area.During a butterfly stretch, the emphasis is on strengthening the inner thighs to make them flexible.

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Kegels are very safe and simple and work on the entire pelvic floor area.

Neesha Bukht Choksy, fitness trainer and a dietician confirms, "Kegel is basically a contraction of the internal muscles attached to the pelvic bones, so it tightens the vaginal muscles, helping women gain better control, prolong sex and reach orgasm more easily.

Vijaya explains, "Apart from greater flexibility, as you stretch out your legs during this exercise, it's almost a similar position that you have during a sexual act." Technique: Sit on the floor with your feet together, as the souls touch each other and the knees are kept apart.

Try and take your feet as close as you can to your hips and use your elbow to push down your knees below, so that your inner thighs are under pressure.

What not try routine exercises that can add spark to your sex life?

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