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When I turn it back on, it just goes straight to a black screen. IF still black screen, then Try removing HDD and just see if you can boot to windows install - should giver error - NO HDD.

I tried turning it on and pressing F8, but nothing happens. At least that will indice that the BIOS was not bricked.

My Computer is on auto update, yesterday as it was updating, i removed the battery and the plug, am not sure what is was updating, tried to switch it on when i got home it was showing black screen.

tried switching on and pressing F8 but it didnt switch on.

Another one is the update half finishes and that update will neither remove easily nor can you re-install it. It's the same type of thing when you're saving data to a game, if you turn off the console while the data is updating the file, it could cause the bits of the data to become incomplete rendering your data unusable or corrupt. what about .01% chance of file corruption, I would still warn my clients.

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