Face recognition dating

Facial recognition isn’t precisely new, but it’s been too computationally expensive to scale.

The founders argue N-Tech Lab’s system is special because of how much faster it is. One algorithm analyzes a photo and another one searches the database of faces.

It’s billed as a dating site, but their real agenda isn’t to enter the dating tech fray (Imagine how that would work: You take a photo of someone at a bar, ID them with Find Face and then send them an email over a social network about how you were too shy to say hello).

The company claims that it can identify a person from a photo 70 percent of the time, a rate of success effectively verified by a Russian artist who tested it out by taking photos of whomever happened to be sitting across from him on the subway.

You could go out without carrying so much as a AA battery and the ubiquitous surveillance cameras of modern life will be able to identify you.

If the camera on one block doesn’t get a good look at you, there’s sure to be another on the next block with a better angle.

“It has really helped for police to search crimes,” Mr. By lowering the computational cost, N-Tech could make it feasible for the authorities to log everyone, just in case. All else being equal, it needn’t stop with the police.

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