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9/24/15 From Indie On The Move: Should Radio Stations accept a "listen" fee from bands to screen music for airplay?Five things every musician should know about copyright (from DIY Musician Blog) . 9/2/15 Great Shapes, who I interviewed in July, will soon be touring far from home: 10/3 Fort Worth, TX 10/4 Denton, TX 10/5 Knoxville, TN 10/7 Berwyn, IL 10/8 Chicago, IL 10/9 Grand Rapids, MI 10/13-14 New York, NY 8/19/15 Excerpts from Avan Lava's press release:, 8/19/15 AVAN LAVA released their Make It Real EP via the JD Samson co-founded label Atlas Chair to critical acclaim.It has been a long road, coming from Dumas, Texas, a dusty little west Texas town where in the 7th grade he started playing in garage bands.

7/28/15 Here's something you don't see every day: The El Paso Symphony Orchestra is doing a show with a Rolling Stones tribute band on August 22: The Rolling Stones music, pure rock and roll with the heart of the blues, is perfectly suited for a symphonic treatment. El Mas Chicho Marquez: Because the music we create in our opinions will be better treated in El Paso or in the United States, and we are arguing this based on experience. I like the Lowbrow Palace and Tricky Falls and Speaking Rock Casino and of course, The Coliseum.

EPSO is joined by a full rock band lead by Las Vegas star Brody Dolyniuk who delivers a fabulous rendition of Mick Jaggers vocals and attitude. The music scene in Juarez is mostly cover bands, and original bands are treated differently. El Mas Chicho Marquez: We played at different bars. There, we won 3rd place on battle of the bands created by enrockeciendote. I'm not into the blues as much as you, but I have Bonamassa's DVD 'Howlin Wolf at Red Rock' and I saw him at the Plaza 2 years ago. But, I dont know any bands and you saw the white man of blues? EPMS: One thing that stood out for me when I saw Bonamassa was how much he uses dynamics.

In doing so, the trio of Ian Pai (producer/drummer), Le Chev (producer/keyboard/guitar) and TC Milan (vocals) have earned a fervent fanbase and managed to bring their raucous live show to points all over the globe.

The group last EP - Flex Fantasy - proved to be a commercial breakthrough, fine-tuning the trio's penchant for marrying soulful vocals and sanguine beats.

El Mas Chicho Marquez: Hi, My name is Francisco and I play bass guitar for the Band The Blue Vein. We have one EP recorded and our songs can be heard at soundcloud and youtube. We dont know a lot of musicians from El Paso and we will like and advise from this group if you dont mind. That was good, but that's the only recent big show. El Mas Chicho Marquez: Yes, you are correct, and that's why I like it more. He's a real character, and I'm looking forward to seeing him this week.

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