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Elizabeth meets Martha as Clark's sister and convinces her not to put Clark's name on an application form.

Susan Misner, Annet Mahendru, and Alison Wright, who play Sandra Beeman, Nina, and Martha Hanson, respectively, are promoted to series regulars in season two, after having recurring roles in the first season.

Elizabeth has recovered from being shot two months ago.

Stan investigates Dameran's work history with the World Bank, only to learn it is a cover for an assassination attempt on a company official by Dameran.

Claudia gives the Jennings two assignments—Anton Baklanov, a defector from the Soviet Union whose research is key to helping the U. develop stealth technology and Andrew Larrick, the primary suspect in the Connors' murders.

Philip and Elizabeth infiltrate the submarine parts factory and he takes pictures of propeller plans.

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