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In Adventure Time, you won’t just see the two main characters but they are also accompanied by several other characters.

One favorite is Princess Bubblegum and she’s a humanoid from the Candy Kingdom that she rules.

In "Memory of a Memory," a baby Finn is seen singing a song in the bathroom of what appears to be Joshua and Margaret's house.

In "Henchman," when Finn is asked about his parents, he says Jake told him that he came from a cabbage, in jest.

Finn's expression was one of pure horror."People actually do that!

Finn stiffened."And maybe," she leaned in to his ear, so he could feel her breath "if we're feeling really romancey, we could..."She whispered a few choice sentances, each turning him a deeper shade of scarlet."Oh, and that's just the tip of the iceberg," she seperated from him entirely, the intimacy evaporated.

Their quotes sometimes don’t make much sense but that’s what makes them a lot of fun.

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