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Her life's work has been devoted to learning about relationships and helping clients improve theirs.

Kristen's clients consistently say they love coming to see her...

These include gender disbalance, flux and transition of social values and norms, and all-encompassing fragmentation and alienation so typical of modern societies that forces men to look at women of "traditional" cultures.

At the same time one needs to be realistic about trans-cultural relations and, in particular, those between North American men and Russian women...

My own observations as well as numerous sociological statistics indicate that you will probably be better off looking for a mate closer to home.

If, however, you still decide to come to Russia in your search for love, romance or marital bliss, Uncle Pasha's CONSULTANTS & FACILITATORS and I personally will assist you in making the best out of your plans.

Sandra Fischer is the creator of Relationship Reveal™: 64 Cards for discovery, skill-building, and growth, a new card game that gets to the heart of what matters in happy, healthy relationships.

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