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In 20, AOL TV ranked Piper third on their list of the Top TV Witches, behind Samantha Stephens from Bewitched and Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In 1998, The WB began searching for a drama series, and looked to Spelling Television, which had produced the network's most successful series 7th Heaven, to create it.

Expanding on the popularity of supernatural-themed dramas, the production company explored forms of mythology to find mythological characters they could focus on with contemporary storytelling.

As Piper hones her skills as a witch and a business owner, she eventually comes to the conclusion that despite her love for Dan, her heart will always belong to Leo.

She later develops a more aggressive and protective personality.

Piper later becomes the eldest sister after Prue dies and the series introduces their younger half-sister, Paige Matthews (Rose Mc Gowan).

During the season three finale, Prue and Piper unwittingly expose themselves as witches to the world after being caught on camera by a local news crew fighting with The Source's personal assassin Shax.

In order to save her sister's life, Prue orders Leo to find Phoebe and pass on a deal to The Source to turn back time.

At the start of season one (1998–99), six months have passed since the death of her Grams, Penny Halliwell (Jennifer Rhodes).

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