Dating boyfriends friend seychelles sex

My friend and I have been best friends since the fifth grade.She's dated some cute guys, and some that were nice, but lately she's been with this loser who doesn't have a real job and seems to monopolize her time.

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Don't be surprise ur ex's friend will also get his own share and dump ur arse & you'll end up been the jest of the day.

Girlz With Chicken™those guys (ur ex and his best friend ) have decided to Be Intimate with u and dump you. INFACT, ONCE A GUY KNOWS YOUR EX, HIS RESPECT FOR U DIMINISHES. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURTHow can someone with a brain be seeking advice on something like this for gawd's sakes,is it just me or what?

Have you taken the time to heal from your just concluded relationship? What would you do if your ex decides to come back and work things out with you? Give you off and start a life time feud with his former bff?

If you decide to date this friend, how do you think he would view you?

I was amazed and confused, that how can the guy helping to mend our affair suddenly become interested in me??

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