Classic dating ideas

Check Amazon rating » With a huge budget for a film (at the time) and a surprising amount of tender, romantic moments, Terminator is one of those flicks that falls into the surprising perfect date movie category.Although there aren't a lot of opportunities in Terminator for some mild couch kissing because of the jam packed storyline, there are ample plot twists and sweet nothings to keep both of you hanging on your seats, or at least on to each other.

Because if we were meant to meet someone, then erasing their existence from one's memory could only lead to -- meeting them again. Check Amazon rating » I once saw a gent who'd dressed up as the main character (played by a very young John Cusak) at a Halloween party.

With zero exaggeration, both men and women flocked to him all night.

Catch a Broadway Show Nothing beats Broadway in the heart of the Big Apple, where shows go on all year.

Though popular favorites are Wicked, Lion King, and Phantom of the Opera, couples also love Book of Mormon and Chicago the Musical. Pro Tip: Check out this awesome & comprehensive listing by NYC Tourist for the latest Broadway shows playing this summer and how to get tickets.

From giants to accomplished swordsmen, monsters and princes, this is a movie sure to delight singles and couples everywhere, and is a perfect show for single parent who'd like to involve their children in a movie date night.

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