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Allow at least 3 heartbeat intervals between updating the first server certificate and each subsequent server certificate.This will allow clients to fail over or load balance to another manager, and receive a new Management Sever List with the updated server certificate information.On Windows computers, the Security Warning dialog sometimes flashes and is placed beneath the web browser.

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If you have an HTTPS listener, you deployed an SSL server certificate on your load balancer when you created the listener. You must ensure that you renew or replace the certificate before its validity period ends.

Certificates provided by AWS Certificate Manager and deployed on your load balancer can be renewed automatically.

Then, you can replace the certificate as described in the next sections.

Note that replacing a certificate does not affect requests that were received by a load balancer node and are pending routing to a healthy instance, but the new certificate will be used with subsequent requests that are received.

I was contacted recently by Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk), who is a v Expert, fellow tweeter and top 50 virtualization blogger at technodrone.asking if I had updated the SSL Certs in v Shield Manager at all.

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