Black bible dating sim

THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKSHey so i did Chris an got his "Good Ending" i thought it was the best ending by the pics and what he said is that some error is there really a better ending? THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLYIf you want the camera, Go see Cayrah ( I forgot her name.

if so please tell me also i cant find where to put the cheats ppl keep saying cheesecake and i've made many but nothing happens plz help DONT READ THIS. ) in the campus, You'll need to talk to her - and she'll ask you for cookies, only decent ones.

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This is one of the elements that a Visual Novel must have, to make the story somewhat alive and they failed to put on this element.

Rating: 0/10 System/Extras The engine used in creating this Visual Novel/dating sim is the freeware software called the Ren’Py engine.

Game Information Creator: Mike Inel Editing: Krishna Orejo Size: 94.2Mb Release Date: August 2011 Rating: 18 (For mature audiences only) Download Link: Game Synopsis Another great Visual Novel/dating sim game from a fellow (countrymen).

The story is about Ceil, a guy who has this biggest crush on a director who directs his favorite indie films like “Left with Happiness” and “Wherever You Are”.

The main menu composes of new, load, extras menu (which has a CG Gallery and Extra (the pictures are related to the story and the development of the graphics), and the preferences with instructions of this VN/dating sim game below. At first, I only got a few endings and was having a lot of trouble achieving the other endings.

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