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The Touch Research Institute, at the University of Miami, has carried out many studies on the effects of touch and massage therapy.

Touch has been used since time immemorial to assist in healing, and general well-being. for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid." Per Henrick Ling, born in Sweden in 1776, is widely credited as the originator of modern "Swedish massage".

She developed her particular method of using the "Individual Prescription" blending several essential oils, for each patient, after an in-depth consultation and examination.

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Anamlis and girls xxz hd

Massage therapy and somatic practices have developed in many different directions since then, including the Esalen style and many intuitive methods, largely originating in California in the 1960's, which are often used in Aromatherapy massage.

The person to whom we really owe the development of Aromatherapy Massage, is Marguerite Maury, née König(1895-1968) who was born in Austria.

Massage stimulates the blood circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Massage stimulates lymphatic flow, improving tissue drainage and improving the immune system.

They can be sedative or stimulating, some have an analgesic and antispasmodic effect, most are antibacterial.

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