An error occurred while validating vdproj

For the last day or so, we’ve been working on rolling out the next release of our code to our QA environment.

When it came time to build a new set of solutions I stumbled across a weird validation error.

This stopped the errors on the setup application, but not the actual application itself. Checking into the app.config file, I stumbled across the cause.

an error occurred while validating vdproj-15

Serializing the project state for project ' Database.sqlproj'...

Project ' Database.sqlproj' was successfully serialized to file ' C:\Builds\1\Castle\Castle Stat Light Test\src\Castle\Database\Database.dbmdl'.

You’ll need to configure the build to compile the entire solution first, and then invoke Visual Studio to create the setup package.

Let’s walk through creating a simple build definition to build a vdproj.

There are a couple of options if you’re going to use setup projects.

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