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Movie romances have simply not been enough and instead, we've been watching real people try (sometimes, too hard) to find love in what many would call a hopeless place - national television.But alas, it has worked for some, while proving to be a complete train wreck for others. Making its debut just last month, the show follows some of the nation’s favourite reality TV stars including Joey Essex, Charlotte Crosby and Stephanie Pratt on their quest for love.I felt all these things while simultaneously wondering what in the world I was doing with my time. Who didn’t hate-watch at least one of these insane dating shows?

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“I just want to show that you can go for things and make it happen.

You can be a minority or be from a small town and move to L. You just have to believe in yourself, know what you want and tunnel in on that end goal.”Frustrations aside, Benberry doesn’t regret her decision to take part in “Catching Kelce.” She went into it for the experience and the chance to get her name out there, and she certainly got that.

After filming ended in April they were able to ditch the cameras, but could only see each other in secret — her in Los Angeles, him in Kansas. began airing promotions for the TV show in August, however, producers put an end to their visits. It’ll be the first time the couple’s seen each other since the summer.

Benberry flew home from Los Angeles on Tuesday for a finale watch party Wednesday night at Walker Hall.

She has also worked for the United Nations, supporting its gender equality campaign, and was recently appointed an Advocate for Women’s Leadership and Political Participation which saw her deliver a speech in front of UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

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