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L." 20-20 Systems: "Dresden" BOB: "The Things That You Do" C. It has a nice little insistent rhythm that makes me smile. Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller: "Cleanliness And Order" (Category: Analog Cyber Punk) Daniel Miller of Mute Records and The Normal joined with self-impressed noisemeister Boyd Rice to record what I call "Son Of No, Nothing, Never" around 1980. There’s a PIL connection, so adjust your beret and pay attention hipsters! At first I thought he was singing "Let's play the asp again". A.: "Keinen Teddybar" Croox: "Moderne Krankheiten" Dark Day: "The Metal Benders" Kaa Antilope: "Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird" Men 2nd: "Transition" Metronomes: "Regular Guys" The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor: "Front" Pas De Deux: "Lits Jumeaux" Snowy Red: "Never Alive" Vono: "Im Schein Des Neon" The Wake: "Patrol"700 Club: "Smog Heaven" The Actor: "Gentlemen & Pettycoats" Artificial Organs: "While The City Sleeps" Baby Budha: "Robot Police" Don Bartnick: "Gefhrliche Karriere" Futurisk: "Meteoright" Gregor S.: "Floh" Im Namen Des Volkes: "Raumkrank" Jeff and Jane Hudson: "Operating Instructions" Los Iniciados: "Isis Y Osiris" Mydolls: "The-Rapist" Pink Industry: "State of Grace" Soft Cell: "Tupperware Party" Trommerfrauen: "Glasaugen"Absolut: "Zivilpolizist" Crash Course In Sciene: "Mechanical Breakdown" Der Plan: "Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel" Deutsche Schaferhunde: "Rosa Brille" Die Doraus & Die Marinas: "Fred Vom Jupiter" (for Paul K. D." P-Model: "Pinky Trick" Solid Space: "A Darkness In My Soul" Xeno And Oaklander: "Celeste"A Mouse Orchestra: "A Lump In Your Throat Pt. 2" Rheingold: "Digital" Thomas Leer: "Tight As A Drum" Vorgruppe: "Puppentanz"20-20 Systems: "Dresden" Art Bears: "Rats And Monkeys" Cabaret Volaire: "Nag Nag Nag" GPJ: "Tristess No. X.: "New York Track Race" Colin Potter: "Jackpot" DL Lectric & Anthon Shield: "La Nausee Et I Angoisse" Don Bartnick Und Crashman: "Leben In Der Geisterstadt" Emak: "Filmmusik" Film De Guerre: "Piste 1" Kein Mensch: "Du Tom" Neu! “In The Army” was from their first 7”, released in 1979.

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" Moral: "Still Remaining" Page: "Dansande Man" Pinpoint: "Waking Up Tomorrow" Ptose: "Sticky Soul" AKA: "Raggedy Andy" Algebra Suicide: "Please Respect Our Decadence" Bruce Gilbert: "Epitaphe For Henran Brenlar" Celibates: "Girls With Headphones" Chrome: "Meet You In The Subway" Dark Day: "Hands In The Dark" Eurocheque: "CIA" Men's Recovery Project: "They Found My Naked Body By The River" Reinheit Des Herzens: "Paris Hat 7 Bruecken" The Rings: "The Rhythm Method" Theoretical Girls: "U. Millie" Those Helicopters: "Shark" The Units: "Warm Moving Bodies" The Vyllies: "Ahia" The Wipeouters: "Twist 'N' Launch" Absolute Body Control: "I Am Leaving" Alambic: "Par Cheu Nous" Bal Pare: "Kriminialitat" Familie Hesselbach" Gadgets: "Autumn 80" Ingrid: "Zayre's Parking Lot" John Bender: "Something" Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons: "The Poet" Men/Eject: "Apologize" Null And Void: "All The Old Humans" Nullset: "Unisphere" Patrick D. If I felt human emotions I’d feel melancholy, or anything for that matter.

E." Ende Shneafliet: "Mein Ganschen" F-I: "Frat Boy" Glorious Strangers: "Why Don't You Join The Army" Height Dismay: "Girl From Ipanema" Holger Hiller: "Jonny" Horis Perideraio: "48 Sopes" John Foxx: "Touch And Go" Kein Mensch: "Kein Mensch! What makes this a keeper beyond keep is the melancholy horn-sounding synth.

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