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To his eldest son, Lawrence, he bequeathed an estate on the Patomac, afterwards known as Mount Vernon, and to George he lett the parental residence. T d^-fei tivs- Remarkable stories are told of his great physica: strength and development at an early age.

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This was to pro- ceed to the French post near Lake Erie in North- western Pennsylvania.

The distance to be traversed was between 500 and 600 miles.

David Levy: I've been interested in human computer conversation for a rather long time.

About 20 years ago, I put together a team that built a chatbot that won the Loebner Prize in New York, in 1997.

Winter was at hnr.d, and the journey was to be made without militnr-' escort, through a territory occupied by Indians. irijj was a perilous one, and several limes he came near losnig his life, yet he returned in safety and furnished a full and useful report of his expedition.

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