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Not by the rest of mainstream geekery; that was a few years off.

No, I'm talking about the staff of Warner Animation, which was enjoying some degree of success with Tiny Toons and later Animaniacs.

In other words, enough people were mailing WB's studios wanting to see Babs Bunny naked that it started to become something of a problem. The fact that they may very well have been the first furries most people in the animation industry encountered was a recipe for long-term catastrophe.

Of course, it goes without saying that people dressing up like skunks and fucking each other were also totally unimaginable.

We mean it when we say that nobody (no, not even Al Gore) fucking saw this shit coming.

The site has also a collection of activities and mini-games for kids.

There was once a time when the Internet was emerging from it's previous status as a futuristic buzzword, a super-service that only the most high-powered of online service power users knew or cared about.

It was coming into the public eye as a new technology that was going to be used for great things and expand our horizons and all that. Nobody anticipated that it was going to be a massive sea of useless drek.

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