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Things went well until Deb started seeing an old boyfriend that Joyce didn’t approve of. Over time the relationship between Joyce and Deb deteriorated.Deb told her mother that she was selling the house and that Joyce would have to move out.Deb denied that Joyce was owed any money for having contributed to the extension of the home. All Joyce’s money was in the property that was sold and she had to find a place to rent.

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To find out more about the Program or to request an information session on this topic call 02 9219 5000.

A print copy of this brochure may be Ordered online.

Your granny flat arrangement may affect your pension entitlements.

Centrelink has special rules for granny flat arrangements.

Granny was identified as "J2" decades ago by CWR scientists who studied her pod of so-called Southern Resident killer whales in Puget Sound, a Pacific Ocean inlet off the coast of Washington.

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