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The vast majority of these areas are mostly uninhabited and nude swimming and sunbathing can be done with little concern for disturbing others.

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"Woods' mental status change was due to that infection, and he ultimately died from a blood clot that originated in his gangrenous foot," reads the complaint filed in U. Rich said the three lawsuits are "being vigorously defended." Woods' lawsuit asserts that Dorning, jail administrator Steve Morrison, Dr. The suit alleges she made several requests to see a doctor and filed a medical grievance on Oct. She said that she believed her life was in jeopardy on Oct. The suits argue the arrangement shields the county and leaves staff free to ignore obvious medical problems within the jail.

The suit contends that as his rotting foot began to stink, guards dragged him from the cell on Aug.

This listing includes free beaches (clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches) and some private resorts.

British Columbia has thousands of kilometres of coastline and thousands of lakes, as well as millions of hectares of natural parks and undeveloped land.

As a philosophy, this practice is commonly referred to as naturism; the International Naturist Federation has affiliates in over 30 countries.

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