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Eric Levitz: I don’t think attacking Rosie O’Donnell or Alicia Machado was core to that appeal though.He could have dropped 96 percent of the misogyny and kept the base, as long as he retained the white identity politics.When he’s receded into the background, the media focused on Clinton, usually in a negative way, and she sunk.

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On Monday, Magazine’s politics team — Jonathan Chait, Margaret Hartmann, Ed Kilgore, and Eric Levitz — joined digital deputy editor Jebediah Reed to discuss what we should expect to see on Tuesday night.

Jebediah Reed: One of the big stories of the last month has been Trump seeming to submit himself, for the first time, to the advice of his handlers — even giving up his Twitter privileges. And does this tell us anything important about him as a politician — especially in the unlikely event that he wins?

After a bizarre, exhausting race, we’re finally here: By the end of the night we’ll know whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States (we hope).

Clinton is still widely favored to win, but in recent days the polls have tightened.

Margaret Hartmann: I think staying “on message” is definitely helping, if only because it allows Republicans to pretend that he’s a normal candidate.

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