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The popular american chain closed 61 of it’s 85 stores in 2008 after it failed to sell Australians their milky, oversized and sweetened version of caffeine.

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In Australia, coffee orders are much more streamlined.

The sizes are usually limited to either regular or large, and most people choose between a latte, flat white or cappuccino with light, full cream or soy milk.

hello my name is catherine and i am 13 years old and am looking for a penpal who is aroung the age of 13 and would like to be my penpal.

i really like cats and dogs and dont like people who are stuckup their own bums just joking by I am a 27 yo male who is a beginner in the German language. I am Sara, an Italian Assistant teacher working till December 2010 in the Wangaratta High School, Australia.

Lots of Australians also say “skinny” to indicate that they would like skim or light milk. What’s your coffee order at home and what do you think it would be in Australia?

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